Periscope Depth

And if thou gaze long into an abyss

the abyss will also gaze into thee

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)




March, 2017


..did you read about cybercriminals and the methods they apply in the exploitation of the human factor of cybersecurity involved in the attacks of Danish companies?


You should. An interesting explorative study is out and available from the Danish Defence College

Food for thought

It’s obvious! 

Elements of the internet can guide, entertain or employ - possibly even cure - and certainly educate. On the other hand not all should be immediately perceived as it appears. Operationalized deliberately in a clandestine shape or form to confuse or conceive the viewer, some content pose a threat to the individual or companies, which in some cases is likely to also include governments and states. 

The scope, including the possibilities and consequences, of the world wide web is muliti-dimensional and for a number of reasons difficult to comprehend. Just try to wrap your head around it's sheer size and the diversity of what’s available. The answer (if even possible to realistically to determine) is mind-boggling.

Velocity, variety, veracity and volume – the four V’s.

To externalize one perspective on the three [ W’s ] and their correlation to the four [ V's ]  I’ve used the childish comparison to a library: Well, a tweaked version of one, of course.

Row upon row of shelves filled with information. Topics range from academic and fraudulent wisdom to philosophic debates and Mad-Magazine – not necessarily separated by topic.  As an alternative to browsing the literature, you could instead choose the library’s free cinema. Though the entrance is hard to miss, you might oversee the discrete and minute warning sign which reads “Content may include legal and illegal films, cartoons and extremely graphic material covering romance and political extremist propaganda - notwithstanding an impressive repertoire of sexual interaction of any and all preference (including animal kingdom)”.

Or you could just follow the trail of advertisements covering all surfaces to the world’s best equipped flea market; Need a Rolex or a second hand Soviet missile launcher? Well, if you are not sure just ask the helpful librarian. He will find, log and share everything you ask for. Whether it is what you were looking for - and more than likely – things you weren’t looking for at all. (Did I mention postal services comes in the package too?)

As a final touch the velocity in which the inventory of all of the above is replaced in a pace that would humble Voyager 2. There’s room for everyone; Child or adult. The average person to the odd character and even the pervert sneaking around the kids section - access to the library is, more or less, open for everyone.

Overall, access may be restricted to certain parts of the library depending on the nationality of your library card.

Pitch black

On top it all and regardless of nationality, any visitor with a specific hidden agenda can purposefully but covertly sneak past the other visitors on a dedicated path through the library to a hidden door which leads down a deep staircase. On your way downstairs strange images, words and writing is covering walls. The intriguing content reveals what was not in any of the books above and reveals more details on the people engaged above. Suddenly you are at the door to the dark basement. Access here is restricted and security is paramount. Apparently, limited to only those individuals in possession of moral standards and character of the sort found in a wet envelope.

To summarize it would seem the temptations made available pose an overall question: Perhaps best manifested with a reference to what was so beautifully paraphrased by The Eagles in Hotel California:

“..You can check out any time you want - but you can never leave”


If you are in the business handling complex analytical problems including business intelligence or risk mitigation you've more than likely stumbles upon of critical thinking.

The ability to identify say vulnerability in order to analyse and assess risk depends on a skilled mindset trained in the understanding and identification of bias.

Here, metacognition is paramount. Key efforts should be made on the thought process and the elements involved when approaching complex analytical problems.

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